Olive oil-based soap has been crafted in France since the Middle Ages. A handful of soap factories near Marseille still make this famous soap using traditional methods. The soapmaster combines olive oil, alkaline ash and saltwater and heats the mixture for ten days in antique cauldrons. This mixture is poured into open pits where it hardens and is cut into cubes and stamped. Afterwards, the soaps are set out to dry in the sun and wind. Orange blossom oil provides a delicate and refreshing floral scent.

 Byredo’s bath oil is the newest addition to the line’s luxury body care. This rich elixir is scented with one of the perfumer's most emblematic fragrances, Bal d’Afrique. Presented in a generous glass bottle, this indulgent treatment makes a lovely complement to its perfume counterpart or a stand-alone staple for the bath.

The ghost flower is a captivating blossom found in the wilderness of the Mohave desert. This rare and beautiful species flourishes despite its harsh habitat and inability to produce nectar. Byredo has captured all the hypnotic qualities of this mysterious bloom in its newest scent, Mohave Ghost. With notes of violet, sandalwood, magnolia, musk and cedar, this gorgeous composition is a deep mix of soft woods and florals that couldn’t be more perfect for the shift into the colder seasons.

Slumberhouse scents are complex, rich, textural works of art. Made using the rarest and purest oils and essences, these stunningly unique fragrances are some of the best in the world.

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