Bis embodies the luxurious mid-century woman: red lipstick, leather purse, clouds of rich tobacco smoke. The smell of her Juicy Fruit gum hangs in the air. She holds a bouquet of jasmine, violets and fresh roses. Bis is timeless and feminine yet completely unique.

Bis starts with the freshness of bergamot and anise and unfolds into jasmine and violet. The powdery base is thick with musk and lavender.

Linda Rodin, celebrity stylist and fashion icon, could not find skincare products that worked for her. To solve this problem, she created her own line of face and body products, RODIN olio lusso, using the best ingredients in the world. Founded in 2007, RODIN has garnered international praise for its beauty and simplicity. RODIN’s presentation is as lovely as the products themselves, and any of these exquisite oils and creams fit easily into any regimen.

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