Designed by Gareth Casey in Paris and made entirely in France, Casey Casey embodies a sense of timelessness. Impeccable fabrics and modern cuts make the collection as luxurious as it is original. A very hands-on treatment of washing, dying and stitching is integral to each and every piece of Casey Casey clothing.

Astier de Villatte ceramics are handcrafted in France using a traditional pottery style passed down from generations.

Each piece is shaped by hand from black terracotta clay and glazed with milky-white porcelain
that allows the clay's natural pigments to show through. Some of the pieces are intentionally unglazed to show the beauty of the raw clay.

Pieces in our latest shipment include a raw clay painter palette, a beautiful collaboration with Japanese painter and sculptor Setsuko.

Sparkle socks from France for spring.

Iridescent stripes and glittery clouds add just the right twinkle to your feet. 

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