Saipua was founded in by Sarah Ryhanen in 2006. In the decade since they have poured, cut and wrapped over 1 million bars of olive oil soap and traveled around the globe arranging flowers. Sarah’s mother, Susan, started tinkering with the strange chemistry of soapmaking in her basement in 1997. Once a home economics teacher, Susan is a natural with kitchen weights has a uniquely large reservoir of patience. The first few batches were born in old shoeboxes. She ultimately roped in her husband, Pentti, a retired auto body repair man with a penchant for buying new tools. Soon, a small soap making factory was formed. Each batch of 88 bars is hand measured, poured, cut and wrapped by Sarah’s folks.

Bergamot dishwashing liquid from Astier de Villatte.
Made in Paris, this gentle formula is delicately scented with bergamot oil from France.

Olive oil-based soap has been crafted in France since the Middle Ages. A handful of soap factories near Marseille still make this famous soap using traditional methods. The soapmaster combines olive oil, alkaline ash and saltwater and heats the mixture for ten days in antique cauldrons. This mixture is poured into open pits where it hardens and is cut into cubes and stamped. Afterwards, the soaps are set out to dry in the sun and wind. Orange blossom oil provides a delicate and refreshing floral scent.

Black tea, argan oil, and almond milk soap from France.