Humble Ceramics from Los Angeles, California embodies simplicity and imperfection. The philosophy behind the work is the harmony, balance and beauty of opposites. Cracks and warps in the work make each piece unique, rustic and modern. The ceramics are fired in a Cone 10, a kiln that is renowned for its unexpected, inconsistent, one-of-kind results. 


Cécile Daladier lives and works in the south of France where she shapes and fires her unique and one-of-a-kind ceramics.
Her objects hold flowers, incense or anything that needs a very special vessel.

Klorane haircare from France.
Conditioner, shampoo, dry shampoo and clarifying rinse, all in gentle formulas safe for all hair types
with rich and refreshing scents including chamomile, papyrus and oat milk.

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