Designed by Gareth Casey in Paris and made entirely in France, Casey Casey embodies a sense of timelessness. Impeccable fabrics and modern cuts make the collection as luxurious as it is original. A very hands-on treatment of washing, dying and stitching is integral to each and every piece of Casey Casey clothing.

The spring delivery from Private 0204 has arrived!  Beautiful handmade offerings in pre-washed cashmere and silk, all made in Italy.  Gorgeous!
Please call or email to order.
rose silk top - $205
pale grey camisole - $205
navy silk dress - $345
pale grey cashmere sweater - $450
navy silk shirt - $275
black silk shirt - $345
washed black silk dress - $345
Hut up clothing is created in Berlin by artist Christine Birkle. She uses nuno felting, which incorporates a base fabric that is shaped and decorated through felting only selected areas.  Beginning with minimally seamed garments in silk, linen, or cotton, she uses felting in place of darts, tucks and shaped seams to give the garment shape, form and dimension. The clothing has an organic appearance with richly detailed and understated textures.  There are no consistent thicknesses or straight corners and everything is organic. Each piece is ultimately unique and one-of-a-kind. As much pieces of art as they are garments, Hut up clothing is truly compelling.